Film Screening: Boses

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 6:15am

Golden Screen Awards 2008 best film, direction, screenplay, actor,music Gawad Tanglaw Awards 2008 best film,direction, screenplay Star Awards 2008: best child actor, music score; Urian Awards 2008: nominations in all major categories.
Competed and exhibited in various festivals, schools and communities locally and abroad: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Hawaii, Vancouver, India, Korea, Hongkong, Geneva, Yale University, Zurich,Madrid, University of Alberta, UP, FEU, Assumption, Ateneo TUP, Tondo, Pasay Children'sNetwork, CBCP, Couples for Christ, Aksyon Para Sa Kapayapaan

From Audiences, Critics, Child Welfare Advocates, International Programmers:

"Sobrang galing. It is a must-see!" - Dr. Honey Carandang, Child Psychologist

The film got three minutes of standing ovation. Four encore applause during the end credits. Two national artists cheering and 1,800 people shouting “Bravo!". Cinemanyak Dennis blog 

“Boses takes a grim situation (child abuse), matches it with high-art therapy (classical music), and unfolds the narrative with a strong dose of pleasure, as startling in its effectiveness as it is unexpected…betokens not just some of the best moments of the local industry, but also that of Classical Hollywood – Joel David,Professor and Critic, Korea 

An extraordinary film from the Philippines, it is my personal choice, my favourite and must-see Chuck Boller, Executive Director, Hawaii Int’l Film Festival

"BOSES will soothe the uneasy, fearful, troubled breast ... -without being preachy and didactic. Never has a local movie integrated social advocacy and the promotion of classical music so seamlessly, movingly, and beautifully. … movie collaboration at its creative best." - Mario Hernando, Malaya, Urian 

Boses should be seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible, especially the young and those who have anything to do with the young…, CBCP Cinema Should be viewed by everyone. PG-13. MTRCB

If there is anything that comes to near perfection-as a film that is-
I’d say it is Boses. Butch Francisco , Philippine Star, Urian

Tel. 631-1231 to 38, local nos. 228/222

Please call to reserve. Seats are limited.