Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
REF GR 325 E52 1991 v.2
"...where slaves there are none ..."
  • Rizal, Jose
GEN PQ 8897 R5 A17 1961
"Ade sissiye pumurpulliis de darana" About the care of wounds and infections GEN PL 93.9 A223 1985
"Ang magmamani" : kuwentong nagtamo ng pinakamalaking gantimpala ng Lingguhang Liwayway taong 1923
  • Sauco, Teofilo E.
GEN PL 5548.3 S28 M3 1976
"Huseng Sisiw" : ang makatang guro ng walang kamatayang Francisco Balagtas GEN PL 6063 C1 R524 1933
"I solemnly swear"; the story of a GI named Brown
  • Morris, Robert
GEN D 805 J3 B68 1957
"It is said that...": (a reply to the book "Spain and defense of West" by Arthur P. Whitaker)
  • Tolosano, Jose Gabriel
RARE HF 1456.5 T586i 1961
"Narrative of Mr. Juan Masolong, first Christian of Lilio, Laguna, and the founding of the town in 1572;" an 18th century manuscript, tr. and annotated, with a complete transcription of the original Tagalog text
  • Quirino, Carlos
GEN DS 689 L5 Q57
"Once a Chinese, always a Chinese?" : the Chinese of Manila-tradition and change
  • Von Brevern, Marilies
GEN DS 666 C5 V66 1988
"Smoked Yankees" and the struggle for empire : letters from Negro soldiers, 1898-1902.
  • Gatewood, Willard B.
GEN E 725.5 N3 S55 1971
"Sueldo and bayad" : essays on Philippine lifestyle
  • Arcilla, Jose S.
GEN DS 674 Ar26 2008
"Tagumpay ng manggagawa" : may kalakip na sampung utos, pitong wika, tula at tuluyang ukol sa manggagawa.
  • Honorio, Cirilo S.
GEN HD 4902 H6 1925
"The Revolt of the Masses":the story behind Agoncillo's story of Andres Bonifacio
  • Hernandez, Jose M.
GEN DS 678 A3z H4 1956
"This is my life": once a teacher, always a teacher
  • Castro, Ricardo
GEN CT 1798 C39 A3
"Wonder" healers of the Philippines
  • Sherman, Harold Morrow
GEN RZ 401 S544 1967
"Young man, go into business"-Rizal
  • Sibal, Ernesto Y.
RIZ DS 675.8 R5 R63 1964
'The sun god's wife" and legends of the mountain people of Benguet.
  • Stafford, Henry Eugene
RARE GR 325 S8
... Japan, an attempt at interpretation
  • Hearn, Lafcadio
GEN DS 810 H43 1924
... Rendezvous on Mindanao
  • Litten, Frederic Nelson
GEN PS 3523 L75 R3 1945
... Such as these
  • Humphrey, Dolores de Iruretagoyena de
GEN PS 3515 U4834 1955 c.1
... Such as these
  • Humphrey, Dolores de Iruretagoyena de
GEN PS 3515 U4834 1955 c.2
...The rampant refugee...
  • Carlisle, Kathleen Smith
GEN CT 275 C27 A3 1946
1 Mayo 1971 : at iba pang tula
  • San Juan, E.
GEN PL 6063 S71o 1972
10 days, 10 years : from Bin Laden to facebook / Maria A. Ressa
  • Ressa, Maria A.
GEN HV 6433 P6 R48 2012
100 : the future begins here : 1911-2011 GEN LG 221 D4 2011
100 events that shaped the Philippines GEN DS 668 O54 1999
100 great events that changed the world : from Babylonia to the space age GEN D 9 C3 1966
100 resorts in the Philippines : places with a heart
  • Grele, Dominique
GEN TX 907.5 P6 G74 2001
100 taon : 100 Filipina sa digmaan at sa kapayapaan
  • Camacho, Leonarda Navato
GEN HQ 1757 C36 2000 c.1
101 Filipino icons, volume II GEN DS 668 O65 2009 v.2
101 selected Filipino proverbs and maxims
  • Batungbacal, Jose
GEN PN 6519 P5 B2 1937
101 stories on the Philippine revolution.
  • Ocampo, Ambeth R.
GEN DS 676 O33 2009
1030 R. Hidalgo GEN ND 1029 A73 A824 1986 v.2
  • Hileman, Millard E.
GEN D 805 P6 H55 1992
11 of the world's great war & spy stories GEN PZ 1 B28el 1944
12 little things every Filipino can do to help our country
  • Lacson, Alexander L.
GEN JC 311 L33 2005
12 new plays
  • Guerrero, Wilfrido Maria
GEN PL 5539 G937n 1971
12 years of the Party List System : marginalizing people's representation GEN JQ 1419 A45 T83 2011
13,000 hours : combat history of the 32d inf division-World War II GEN D 767.4 T3491 1944
140 days of terror : in the clutches of the Abu Sayyaf
  • Aventajado, Robert N.
GEN HV 6433 P5 A948o 2004
15 stories
  • Arcellana, Francisco
GEN PL 5539 A21s 1973
150 : the Ateneo way
  • Arcilla, Jose S.
GEN LG 221 Q4 A64
150th Rizal anniversary conference on nation & culture : the proceedings GEN HN 713 O64 2012
1521, (Li)masawa?
  • Sanchez, Adolfo Busa
GEN G 420 M2 S25 1977
1776 - the British story of the American revolution : National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London 14 April to 2 October 1976. GEN E 289 P4 1976
1830-1930 centennial memorial, Botica Boie, Philippine American Drug Co. GEN HF 6201 D7 B6 1930
1848 : a turning point? GEN D 387 K7 1959
1872 : documents compiled and annotated
  • Sanz, Leandro Tormo
GEN DS 653 S35 1973 c.1
1872 documents
  • Sanz, Leandro Tormo
GEN DS653 D5 Sa59 1973 no.3
  • Diaz Plaja, Fernando
SPA DP 245 D5 1976
1898 : Cuba y Filipinas
  • Fernandez-Rua, Jose L.
SPA DP 1 .T4 NO.98 1954 c.1
1898 : the Spanish-American War, told with pictures
  • Werstein, Irving
GEN E 715 W39 1966
1898, España y el Pacifico : interpretacion del pasado, realidad del presente SPA DU 65 E3 1999
18th century relics of the Griffin shipwreck
  • Goddio, Franck
GEN NK 4565 G63 1988
1904 world's fair : the Filipino experience
  • Fermin, Jose D.
GEN T 860 F359n 2004
1908 : the way it really was : historical journal for the UP centennial, 1908-2008
  • Ingles, Raul Rafael
GEN DS 667 In51n 2008
1958 Rizal day commemorative program RIZ DS 675.8 R627z 1961
1970 National Seminar on Children and Youth in National Planning and Development. GEN HV 800 P5 N38
1971 statistical handbook of the Philippines. GEN HA 1822 A3 1971
1983 Catholic directory of the Philippines REF BX 1660 M3 C38 1983
1993 directory of the Archdiocese of Manila
  • Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Manila. Archdiocesan Office for Research and Development
REF BX 1660 M3 C38 1993
2 : Manuel Principe Bautista: tula Liwayway A. Arceo : sanaysay. GEN PL 6165.4 B3583 D35 1998
20 letters to a friend
  • Allilueva, Svetlana
GEN DK 275 A4 A313 1967
200 years of Las Piñas GEN DS 689 L34 H5 1962 no.2
2000 years of Vatican treasures "... and they will come from afar"
  • Morello, Giovanni
GEN N 2940 T86 1994
2010-2011 diplomatic and consular directory REF JX 1699 D57 2011
2011 Philippines government directory REF JQ 1407 A2 2011
21 outstanding features of stories of Jose Rizal
  • Capino, Diosdado G.
RIZ DS 675.8 R5 C3173 1960
3 Filipino playwrights : Alberto S. Florentino, Wilfrido D. Nolledo [and] Jesus T. Peralta.
  • Florentino, Alberto S.
GEN PL 5534 F662t 1968
3 unang gantimpalang dula
  • Salazar, Dionisio S
GEN PL 6165.4 S213 T38 1969
301 selected tagalog proverbs and maxims
  • Batungbacal, Jose
GEN PN 6519 T2 B2 1941
350 ka tigmo
  • De la Riarte, Cecilio L.
GEN PN 6377 C4 D45 1967
3rd ASEAN Exhibition of Children's Art : Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand GEN N 352 T48 1986
4 a sarsarita = Four stories : tales adapted from Aesop
  • Aoalin, Trinidad
GEN PL 6178.4 S248 1980
40,000 miles around the world. A personal narrative of the experiences and impressions of an energetic traveller who crosses the equator and the Arctic circle in the tour.
  • Bush, George Tome
GEN G 440 B93 1911
42 months of hell : my life as a prisoner of the Japanese World War II
  • Howell, John Benjamin
GEN D 805 J3 H57 1970
42nd naval construction battalion year book, 1944-1945 GEN D 769.3 42nd .A5
44 cineastas Filipinos = Filipino filmmakers = mga sineastang Pilipino GEN PN 1998.2 L8 2011
50 great oriental stories
  • Hanrahan, Gene Z.
GEN PZ 1 H197Fi 1965
50 years of Philippine autonomy : the golden jubilee of the first Philippine Legislature 1916-1966 GEN JQ 1454 P5
500 fotos de la guerra SPA DP 269 Q52 1938
6-year report 1992 REF LB 2828 F962
60 years and von vivant ! : Philippine - French relations GEN DC 59.8 S625 2008
6th Ohio volunteer infantry, war album : historical events, reminiscences and views of the Spanish-American War, 1898- 1899 GEN E 715 S59
7 more plays
  • Guerrero, Wilfrido Maria
GEN PL 5539 G937s 1962
7 years of the Philippine Art Gallery, 1951-1957
  • Philippine Art Gallery
GEN N 7327 P45 1958
80 años del Premio Zobel
  • Brillantes, Lourdes
SPA PQ 8717 B75
81 years of Premio Zobel : a legacy of Philippine literature in Spanish
  • Brillantes, Lourdes Castillo
GEN PQ 8717 B7697e 2006
90 days of rice
  • Scott, R Jackson
GEN D 805 J3 1975
@ seventy : a dancer's show in oil
  • Rebustillo, Dehlia N.
GEN ND 1329.3 R293a 2004
A 'a poh = Stories GEN PL 2725 Aa111 1973
A 20th century chronicle
  • Von, Heiland, Ma. Paz Eugenia Pamintuan
GEN CT 1788 V66 A3 1998
A Banahaw guru : symbolic deeds of Agapito Illustrisimo
  • Marasigan, Vicente
GEN BV 4487 S34 M37 1985
A Basque among the Guerrillas of Negros
  • Uriarte, Higinio de
GEN D 802 N4 U7 E3 1962
A bayanihan society through the sociologist's colored glasses
  • Panopio, Isabel S.
GEN HN 713 P35 1973
A beachcomber in the Orient
  • Foster, Harry L
GEN DS 522.4 F67 1924
A beginner's guide to Philippine history books
  • Looney, David M.
GEN DS 670 L6 1977
A bibliography of the Chinese in the Philippines
  • See, Chinben
REF Z 3298 C45 S43 1970
A bilingual structural analysis to justify theoretically the Cebuano induced verb errors in English
  • Dorotheo, Paz R.
GEN PL 5649 Z77 D737 1966
A biographical sketch of James Smithson
  • Langley, Samuel Pierpont
GEN Q 143 S6 L3
A bittersweet taste of sugar : a preliminary report on the sugar industry in Negros Occidental.
  • Lynch, Frank
GEN HD 9116 P62 N38 1970
A blade of fern
  • Tiempo, Edith L.
GEN PL 5539 T52 B53 1978
A blending of culture : the Batanes, 1686-1898
  • Llorente, Ana Maria Madrigal
GEN DS 688 L792b 1983 no.38
A book of comment and criticism : being a collection of miscellaneous writings and addresses.
  • De la Llana, Pedro
GEN DS 685 L7 1926
A boy's life of General Pershing
  • Durston, George
GEN E 181 P512 D87 1931
A brief diplomatic history of modern Japan
  • KAjima, Morinosuke
GEN DS 885 K343 1965
A brief historical account of Marinduque.
  • Lecaros, Alfonso
RARE HC 457 L456b
A brief history of Philippine literature
  • Del Castillo, Teofilo Tuazon
GEN PL 5531 C278 1937
A brief history of the development of modern art in the Philippines from 1928 to 1962
  • Philippines (Republic). National Museum
GEN N 7327 P5 1963
A brief history of the Filipino flag
  • Kalaw, Pura Villanueva
GEN CR 115 P6 K2 1947 c.1
A brief history of the Philippines
  • Fernandez, Leandro H.
GEN DS 668 F4 1919 c.1
A brief history of the Philippines
  • Fernandez, Leandro H.
GEN DS 668 F4 1951 c.1
A brief history of the town of Angeles in the province of Pampanga, Philippines from its foundation in 1796 A.D. to the present 1947-1948.
  • Henson, Mariano A.
GEN DS 689 A6 H4 1948
A brief history of the U.S. Geological Survey GEN QE 76 U54 1974
A brief history of the United States for Philippine high schools.
  • Muzzey, David Saville
GEN E 178.1 M99263 1954
A brief introduction to the grammar of the Ilocano language
  • Widdoes, H.W.
GEN PL 5752 W54
A brief review of American interest in Philippine development and other essays.
  • Onorato, Michael P.
GEN DS 685 O55i 1968
A brief review of American interest in Philippine development and other essays.
  • Onorato, Michael P.
GEN DS 685 O55i 1972
A brief survey of Iloko literature from the beginnings to its present development with a bibliography of works pertaining to the Iloko people and their language
  • Yabes, Leopoldo Y.
GEN PL 5751 Y33 1936
A brief time to love; poems on society, religion, and love
  • Limcaco, Ofelia Fernandez
GEN PL 5539 L41 1971
A Britisher in the Philippines; or the letters of Nicholas Loney
  • Loney, Nicholas
GEN DS 658 L63 1964 c.1
A broken mirror : Protestant fundamentalism in the Philippines
  • Woods, L. Shelton
GEN BX 4857 W895a 2002
A Calendar of Rizaliana
  • Ocampo, Ambeth
GEN DS675.8 R77 Oc1c 2011
A calendar of Rizaliana in the vault of the Philippine National Library
  • Ocampo, Ambeth R.
GEN DS 675.8 R5 O295 1993
A call to duty : citizenship and civic responsibility in a third world democracy.
  • Ramos, Fidel V., 1928-
GEN DS 686.614 R175c 1993
A canto of summer and other stories.
  • Jubaira, Ibrahim A.
GEN PS 9993 J82 C3 1974
A capsule history of the Filipino people from Ferdinand Magellan (in 1521) to Ferdinand Marcos (under P.D. 1081): a history of the Filipino people written with a smile
  • Batacan, Delfin
GEN DS 668 B359 1975
A catalog of Filipiniana at Valladolid REF DS 668 Z9 T83 1973
A catalog of Philippine coins, 1828 to date : a retail price list and catalog of Philippine coins issued by Spain, the United States and by the Republic
  • Allen, Lyman L.
GEN CJ 3667 A45
A catalogue of award-winning titles : a publication of the National Book Development Board REF Z3295 C37 2008
A catalogue of printed materials relating to the Philippine Islands 1519-1900 in the Newberry Library REF Z 3299 N4 1959 c.1
A catalogue of the library of the Hon. East-India Company.
  • East India Company. Library
SPA Z 921 .L55792 1969 v.1
A catalogue of the library of the Hon. East-India Company.
  • East India Company. Library
SPA Z 921 .L55792 1969 v.2
A celebration for Edith Sitwell
  • Sitwell, Edith, Dame
GEN PR 6037 I8 Z55 1948
A century of activism
  • Santiago, Corazon Damo
GEN HN 19 S25 1972
A century of being Baguio
  • Resurreccion, Bona Elisa O.
GEN DS 689 B2 R4369 2009
A century of faith : the local church of Lipa GEN BX 1660 B38 C46 2012
A century of Philippine legislature : timelines of events, people and laws that shaped the Filipino nation
  • Duldulao, Manuel D.
GEN JQ 1413 D887c 2007 v. 2
A century of Philippine legislature : timelines of events, people, and laws that shaped the Filipino nation
  • Duldulao, Manuel D.
GEN JQ 1413 D887c 2007 v.1
A chance to die : a biography of Jose Abad Santos, late Chief Justice of the Philippines
  • Aquino, Ramon C.
GEN DS 686.2 A35 A68 1967 c.1
A checklist of Philippine pamphlet holdings of Northern Illinois University Libraries REF Z 3299 I42 1975
A children's miscellany : selections for school and church programs
  • Tierra, Jose La Villa
GEN PL 5539 T444 1977
A close encounter with the B'laans : a primer
  • Wapaño, Roberts
GEN DS 666 W191c 2007
A code of ethics for FIlipinos.
  • Kalaw, Teodoro M.
RARE BJ 1185 P6 A52 1950
A collection of green jokes and other colorful ones
  • Balmori, Eric
GEN PN 6222 P6 B34 1987 c.1
A collection of letters of Marcelo H. del Pilar
  • Del Pilar, Marcelo H. ( Marcelo Hilario )
DS 675 .8 P5 A4 2006
A collection of voyages and travels, some now first printed from original manuscripts, others now first published in English.
  • Awnsham, Churchill
RARE G 160 C56 1732 v.I
A colorslide tour of the Philippines : island democracy, bright garden of the Pacific. REF DS 660 C719 1961
A common vocabulary for Malay-Pilipino-Bahasa Indonesia
  • Aspillera, Paraluman
REF PL 5045 A87 1963 pt.1
A common vocabulary for Malay-Pilipino-Bahasa Indonesia
  • Aspillera, Paraluman
REF PL 5045 A87 1964 c.1
A comparative study of Philippine lexicons
  • Yap, Fe Z Aldave
GEN PL 5506 Y36 1977
A comparative study of the concept of freedom in Jean-Paul Sartre and in the rule of St. Benedict.
  • Garduce, John E.
THE PQ 2637 G228c 1968
A comparative study of the Malaysian and the Philippines war novels
  • Sahlan Mohd. Saman
GEN PL 5131 S24 1984
A comparative study of the representative short storiesof Edith L.Tiempo and Linda T. Casper.
  • Filipinas, Clarita C.
THE PS 9993 F482c 1971
A comparative study of the works of fiction of Nick Joaquin and N.V.M. Gonzalez.
  • Zapanta, Araceli G.
THE PS 9993 Z35c 1966
A comparison of adult education programs in the Philippines, Japan and Thailand.
  • Conde, Benigna B.
THE LC 5257 C745c 1966
A compilation of laws on natural resources and indigenous people's rights : a field handbook GEN KF 5624.35 C66 2004
A compilation of laws on natural resources and indigenous peoples rights : a field handbook KF 5636 P43 2006 v.2
A compilation of selected presidential speeches, 2005
  • Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal
GEN DS 687.532 A5 2005
A compilation on WW-II in the Philippines, (1941-42)
  • Varias, Antonio
GEN DS 686.4 C65 1979
A concise history of East Asia
  • Fitzgerald, C.P.
GEN DS 511 F56 1966
A concise history of Israel : from the earliest times to the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70
  • Ehrlich, Ernst Ludwig
GEN DS 116 E413 1962
A concise history of Southeast Asia
  • Tarling, Nicholas
GEN DS 511 T37c 1966
A concise history of Spain
  • Gomez-Tabanera, J.M.
GEN DP 66 G63 1966
A conquering corps badge, and other stories of the Philippines
  • King, Charles
GEN PS 2172 C63 1902
A continuing narrative on Philippine theater : the story of PETA : Philippine Educational Theater Association GEN PN 2914 S193c 2008
A country not even his own
  • Psinakis, Steve E.
GEN DS 686.5 P974c c2008
A crisis of ambiguity : political and economic development in the Philippines.
  • Averch, Harvey A.
GEN HC 455 A93 1970
A critical appraisal of the Philippine philosophy of education : an abstract of the thesis presented to the Faculty of Philosophy University of Santo Tomas
  • Lenert, Thomas, Fr.
GEN LB 1025 L546 1963
A critical study of Ibalong : the Bikol folk epic-fragment
  • Espinas, Merito B.
GEN PL 6181 A1I2 E87 1968
A critical study of prehispanic source materials for the study of Philippine history.
  • Scott, William Henry
RARE DS 653 S36 1968
A critique of Rizal's concept of a Filipino nation
  • Majul, Cesar Adib
RIZ DS 675.8 R5 M23 1959 c.1
A critique of the code of crimes
  • Olaguivel, Eleno.
REF LG 208 Ol1 1952 c.1
A cultural picture of the Visayans as derived from the Philippine Island.
  • Ramas, Leonisa L.
THE DS 666 R165c 1965
A cultural worker's first manual
  • Sta. Maria, Felice Prudente
GEN HM 101 S231c 2001
A day in Manila
  • Burkholder, Seddie L.
REF DS 688 B959d 1923
A day to remember
  • Quirino, Eliseo
GEN DS 686.4 Q5 1958
A day to remember
  • Quirino, Eliseo
GEN DS 686.4 Q5 1961
A decade of American government in the Philippines, 1903-1913
  • Barrows, David P.
GEN DS 685 B3 1914
A descriptive and comparative study of the economic life of the mountain tribes of Northern Luzon, Philippines.
  • Guy, George Sy-chuan
THE DS 665 G986d 1957
A descriptive dictionary of the Indian islands & adjacent countries
  • Crawford, John
REF DS 600 C7 1971
A detailed investigation of an acidic water from the North slope of Maaslom heights.
  • Argosino, Maria Belen
THE QD 142 A693d 1968
A dialogue with my people : selected speeches of Ferdinand E. Marcos, September 1972-September 1973 GEN JQ 1441 M37 1973
A diary of the Japanese occupation, December 7, 1941-May 7, 1945
  • Labrador, Juan
GEN DS 686.47 L33 A3 1989
A dictionary of Lepanto Igorot or Kankanay as it is spoken at Bauco
  • Vanoverbergh, Morice
REF PL 5865 Z5 1933
A dictionary of the plant names of the Philippine Islands
  • Merrill, Elmer Drew
REF Q 75 P5 1903 c.1
A different kind of victory : a biography of Admiral Thomas C. Hart
  • Leutze, James
GEN V 63 H37 L48 1981
A different kind of war : the little-known story of the combined guerilla forces created in China by the U.S. Navy and the Chinese during World War II
  • Miles, Milton E.
GEN D 769.64 M5 1967
A diplomatic history of the Philippine Republic
  • Meyer, Milton Walter
GEN DS 686.5 M4 1965 c.1
A directory of plays and playwrights REF Z 3298 L5 S25 1972
A documentary history of the United States.
  • Heffner, Richard D.
GEN E 173 H5 1952
A Doveglion book of Philippine poetry
  • Villa, Jose Garcia
GEN PL 5539 V711 1962
A Doveglion book of Philippine poetry in English : 1910 to 1962 GEN PL 5539 V711 1965
A F CH GEN PL 6056 A11 1977
A farmer's primer on growing cowpea on riceland
  • Pandey, R.K.
GEN SB 205 C8 P35 1987
A few poems and essays
  • Hartendorp, A. V. H.
GEN PN 6101 H252 1951
A Filipino child's world
  • Cortez, Lilia Reyes R.
TXT PS 9992 C69 1972 c.1
A filipino's vision for recovery
  • Villegas, Bernardo M.
GEN HC 455.5 V55 1997
A flora of Manila
  • Merrill, Elmer Drew
GEN QK 368 M59 1912
A friar's account of the Philippine revolution : an unpublished manuscript of Fr. Marcos Gomez, O.F.M., about the Philippine revolution of 1898 in Ambos, Camarines
  • Gomez, Marcos
GEN DS 679 G66 1980
A frontier doctor
  • Hoyt, Henry Franklin
GEN R 154 H69 A33 1929
A G.I. named Brown
  • Brown, Robert Morris
GEN D 767.4 B881g 1957
A Garrison state in the make and other speeches
  • Aquino, Benigno S.
GEN DS 686.6 A68 A24 1985
A gender review of selected economic laws in the Philippines GEN KPM 516 G45 2006
A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world; many of which are now first translated into English
  • Pinkerton, John
RARE G 161 P65 1812 Vol 11
A generation later : household strategies and economic change in the rural Philippines.
  • Eder, James F.
GEN HC 458 S353 E34 2000
A glimpse of children's development
  • Calero, Ana Mari
GEN LB 1140 C14 1975
A global history of man.
  • Stavrianos, Leften S.
GEN G 126 S78 1962
A globegadder's diary
  • Parlette, Ralph Albert
GEN G 440 P2 1927
A grammar of the Maguindanao tongue according to the manner of speaking it in the interior and on the south coast of the island of Mindanao GEN PL 5912 J83 1906
A grammar of the Tagalog language, the chief native idiom of the Philippine islands
  • Blake, Frank Ringgold
GEN PL 6053 B6 1925
A great friendship
  • Tomas, Jindrich
GEN DS 675.8 R5 T66 1992
A guide book of Philippine paper money : a comprehensive illustrated valuation catalog of Philippine regular issue currency of the Spanish, U.S. and republican periods from 1852 to date ...
  • Shafer, Neil
GEN HG 1267 S5 1964 c.1
A guide book on the Philippine question
  • Kalaw, Maximo Manguiat
GEN DS 685 K33 1919
A guide for organizing and operating a small electric utility company GEN TK 4224 P5 1958
A guide to Catholic action in the Philippines
  • Sevilla, Victor J.
GEN BX 809 Se84 1953
A guide to families of common flowering plants in the Philippines
  • Castro, Irma Remo
GEN QK 368 C35 2006
A guide to Luna and Hidalgo paintings in the Lopez Memorial Museum REF ND 1027 G8 1979
A guide to the museum of the Filipino people GEN AM 101 G946
A guide to the Tagalog dialect in the Philippines REF PL 6055 P6 1944
A guidebook to the museums of Metro Manila REF AM 79 P6 G85 1988 c.1
A guidebook to the museums of Mindanao REF AM 79 P62 M563 1991
A guidebook to the museums of Northern Luzon REF AM 79 P52 L8 1996
A guidebook to the museums of Visayas REF AM P52 V5 G85 1992
A habit of shores : FIlipino poetry and verse from English, 60's to the 90's : the sequel to a native clearing. GEN PS 9992.2 H33 1999
A handbook for elementary schools principals REF LB 1027 P5385 1962
A handbook for second language teaching
  • Llamzon, Teodoro A.
GEN LB 1578 L77 1970
A handbook for visitors to the U.S.A.
  • Rohrlich, Beulah F.
GEN E 158 R64 1986
A handbook of exercises in English idiom GEN PE 1460 S85 1917
A handbook of researches in the Philippines, 1964-1965 REF Z 3291 H35
A handbook of Tagalog grammar : (with exercises) ; based on the official Balarila and especially written for non-Tagalog English-speaking students of the Filipino national language
  • Alejandro, Rufino
GEN PL 6053 A55 1954
A handbook of the National Federation of Women's Clubs of the Philippines. RARE HQ 1757 H236 1938
A handbook of the Philippines
  • Wright, Hamilton M.
REF DS 655 W75 1907
A handbook of the Philippines. RARE DS 659 W932 1909
A handbook of the sugar and other industries in the Philippines REF HD 9116 P5 S94 1953
A handy guidebook to the Ibaloi language
  • Anton, Sofia Olga
REF PL 5785 Z5 An88 2010
A harvest of green and gold : an anthology of short stories/ edited by Elmer A. Ordoñez. GEN PL 5539 O73 H37 2004
A heritage of saints : colonial santos in the Philippines
  • Gatbonton, Esperanza Bunag
GEN N 7981 G38 1979
A hero worth living for
  • Villadolid, Alice Colet
GEN DS 686.6 A6 V44 2007
A historic-philosophical analysis of the Chinese diffusion in Southeast Asia
  • Nggawa, Darius
GEN DS 509.5 N499
A historical analysis of the Philippine revolution
  • Martinez, Manuel F.
GEN DS 676 M37 2002
A historical analysis of the Philippine revolution : a critical approach to history as simplicity
  • Martinez, Manuel F.
GEN DS 676 M375 2002 c.1
A historical and judicial study of the Philippine Bill of Rights
  • Bernas, Joaquin G.
GEN JQ 1420 B1 B456
A historical study of American military occupation of the Lake Lanao Region (1901-1913).
  • Funtecha, Henry Florida
THE DS 688 F982h 1974
A historical study of the guerrilla movement in Pangasinan, 1942-1945
  • Estrada, William Ll.
RARE D 767.4 E88 1951
A historical study of the Japanese-sponsored Republic of the Philippines.
  • Ambrosio, Adoracion D.
THE DS 686.4 A496h 1952
A historical study of the Panay resistance movement during the Japanese occupation
  • Plagata, Romulo D.
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A Spaniard in the Portuguese Indies : the narrative of Martin Fernandez de Figueroa
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A special report on coinage and banking in the Philippine Islands
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A spiritual son is born : our story with Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
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A splendid little war : the Spanish-American War, 1898 ; the artists' perspective
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A stone for the edifice; memoirs of a President
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A story from the Philippines
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A stream at Dalton Pass and other stories
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A structural analysis of the social context.
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A study of a 16th century Tagalog manuscript on the Ten Commandments : its significance and implications (Juan de Olivers "Declaracion de los Mandamientos de la de Dios")
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GEN BV 4655 R67 1984
A study of Bagobo ceremonial, magic and myth.
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A study of Bohol literature (Hero-tale, drama, poetry and short story).
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THE PL 6175 T597s 1968
A study of health, hygienic, and sanitary conditions obtaining among rural homes
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A study of history
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A study of Japanese enterprises in the Philippines before and after the Second World War : focus on the Manila area, 1935-1951
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GEN HG 5762 D47 2001
A study of metrical romances of the Philippines.
  • Profeta, Lydia M.
THE PL 3508 P964s 1951
A study of Philippine games.
  • Lopez, Mellie Leandicho
GEN GV 133 P5 L66 1980
A study of prehistoric Philippines
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THE GN 855 S26 1960
A study of references to the Philippines in Chinese sources from earliest time to the Ming dynasty
  • Wu Ching-hong
GEN DS 740.5 P5 W95 1959
A study of tax burden by income class in the Philippines. GEN HJ 4768 P537 1964
A study of the development of post-war domestic civil aviation in the Philippines, 1946-1955.
  • Oporto, Sofio
THE TL 527 O62s 1957
A study of the different levels of language and their relations to knowledge.
  • Revilla, Jorge L.
THE P 53 R454 1950
A study of the effectiveness of teaching Pilipino in the boys' high school and the girls' high school of the University of San Carlos for the school year 1963-64.
  • Gonzales, Julieta Ongtawco
THE PL 6054 G463s 1965
A study of the Filipino repatriation movement
  • Coloma, Casiano P.
GEN JV 6891 F54 C65
A study of the Igorot language as spoken by the Bontoc Igorots
  • Waterman, Margaret P.
GEN PL 5732 W3
A study of the Iloco language
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RARE PL 5752 S9 1909
A study of the life and letters of Gabriel M. Reyes, Archbishop of Manila.
  • Martelino, Felizardo C.
THE BX 4705 M376s 1951
A study of the life in the slum areas in Cebu City.
  • Dichoso, Fermin A.
THE HV 4145 D546s 1965
A study of the marriage customs of the rural population of the province of Cebu.
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THE GT 2781 Q8s 1956
A study of the marriage customs of the rural population of the province of Cebu.
  • Quisumbing, Lourdes Reynes
THE GT 2781 Q8s 1956
A study of the personal problems of college students in St. Paul's schools in view of improving their guidance services.
  • Ponce, Benjamine D.
THE LB 1027.5 P792s 1961
A study of the Philippine social security system with special consideration for the city of Cebu.
  • Alfaro, Rosario R.
THE HD 7225 A385s 1962
A study of the types of Philippine literature with special emphasis on the novel
  • Veloro, A.T.
GEN PL 5531 A6 V546 1973
A study of the University of the Philippines
  • Hannah, John A.
REF LG 969 H31 1958
A stun of jewels
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GEN PR 6051 N47 S8 1963
A suggested course of study on marriage and family life preparation for college in the light of the socio-cultural background of the Filipino.
  • Peña, Casilda P.
THE HQ 10.5 P397s 1968
A survey of American government
  • Zink, Harold
GEN JK 274 Z442
A survey of economic conditions in the Philippine Islands with particular reference to present and future development submitted to the Governor-General
  • Hammond, Lyman Pierce
GEN HC 455 H3 1928
A survey of economic conditions in the Philippine Islands with particular reference to present and future development.
  • Hammond, Lyman P.
GEN HC 455 H35 1928
A survey of Filipino literature
  • Tonogbanua, Francisco G.
GEN PL 5531 T66 1956
A survey of Filipino literature
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GEN PL 5531 T66 1965
A survey of foreign economic and technical assistance programs in the Philippines GEN HC 60 U6341 1966
A survey of local government in the Philippines
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GEN JS 7303 A3 R661
A survey of Philippine literature in English GEN PL 5531 D886 1971
A survey of relations between Indonesian, Malay and the main languages of the Philippines.
  • Ruzui, Septy
THE PL 5506 R987s 1961
A survey of sources materials on the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, 1942-1945.
  • Faderon, Rosalie B.
THE DS 686.4 F144s 1974
A survey of the educational system of the Philippine Islands by the Board of Educational Surveys : created under acts 3162 and 3196 of the Philippine legislature
  • Monroe, Paul
GEN LA 1292 A3su 1925
A survey of the literature of the Filipinos
  • Panganiban, Jose Villa
GEN PL 5531 P193 1963
A survey of the present social, economic, and educational situation in the island of Siquijor.
  • Ligutom, Gaudencio P.
THE HN 720 L727s 1964
A survey of the public schools of the Philippines, 1960 GEN LB 2823 P5 1960
A survey of the socio-economic, religious, and educational conditions of the Mamanuas of Northeast Mindanao.
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THE HN 720 M141s 1954
A symposium on the Maragtas held on the 27th of January 1968 at the Epifanio de Los Santos Auditorium National Library Building. GEN GR 325 S96 1970
A syntactic analysis of basic sentence types in Tagalog.
  • Buenaventura, Amparo S.
THE PL 6054 B928s 1962
A Tagalog-English vocabulary REF PL 6056 P48 1940
A taste of home : Pinoy expats and food memories. GEN GT 2853 P5 T38
A tenderfoot in the tropics
  • Cretcher, Mack P.
GEN DS 659 C9 1918
A thousand days : John F. Kennedy in the White House.
  • Schlesinger, Arthur M.
GEN E 841 S3 1965
A thousand questions on supervision in Philippine government
  • Braum, Dan M.
GEN JQ 1410 B7
A thousand years of stoneware jars in the Philippines
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GEN NK 4365 C6 V35t 1992
A ticket to Manila
  • Caldwell, Bec
GEN DS 508 C27 1940
A time for growth grade V
  • Lardizabal, Amparo S.
TXT LC 315 P5 L3 1970
A token of our friendship : Philippine photos of male affection : first half of the 20th century
  • Silva, John L.
GEN HQ 1090 S55 2011
A topical vocabulary in English, Pilipino, Ilocano and Southern Kalinga REF PL 6056 S84 1980
A tourist guide to notable Philippine museums
  • Layug, Benjamin L.
GEN AM 79 P5 L39 2012
A tradition of leadership : Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Colayco, Maria Teresa
GEN HG 3318 B35 C6 1984
A translation of Amado V. Hernandez's Bayang malaya
  • Deveza, Eduardo T.
GEN PL 5548.4 H4 B313 1973
A traveler's guide to the Philippines : Luzon and Mindoro
  • Marshall, Mary
GEN DS 660 M39 1978
A treasury of art and relics of the past four centuries in the Philippines
  • Lerma, Jose
GEN NK 560 L562
A treasury of Mandaya and Mansaka folk literature GEN PL 5925 Z73 F952 1980
A treasury of Mexican folkways : the customs, myths, folklore, traditions, beliefs, fiestas, dances, and songs of the Mexican people.
  • Toor, Frances
GEN GR 115 T55 1947
A treatise on Philippine practice including the law of evidence applicable to all courts and all laws relating to the primary courts, topically arranged and annotated, with appropriate decisions of the Supreme Court and opinions of the Attorney General
  • Lobingier, Charles Summer
RARE KPM 3459 L635 L797t c1907
A treatise on the Morion festival in the Province of Marinduque, Philippines.
  • Semilla, Rafael J.
GEN GT 4881 M3 S44 1970
A treaty of peace between the United States and Spain : message from the President of the United States, transmitting a treaty of peace between the United States and Spain RARE E 723 U6 1899 pt.1
A trial of generals : Homma, Yamashita, MacArthur
  • Taylor, Lawrence
GEN JX 5441 M3 T38
A tribute to the movie queen : Carmen Rosales : ang tangi kong pag-ibig
  • Fernandez, Manny B
GEN PN 2918 R6 F47 2013
A trip to the city
  • La Salle Brothers
TXT PE 1130 Fe5 L33 1963
A union list of Filipiniana holdings of the member institutions of Albasa, Inc.: v.1. The Sciences: pure and applied REF Z 3299 U58
A United States midshipman in the Philippines
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GEN PS 3537 U5 1910
A vanished world : medieval Spain's golden age of enlightenment
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GEN DP 99 L695 2005
A vision of Makati, the city
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GEN DS 689 M173 D86
A visit to the Philippine islands
  • Bowring, John
GEN DS 658 B77 1859
A visit to the Philippine Islands [in 1858].
  • Bowring, John
REF DS 668 P9609 1963 v.3
A visit to the South Seas, in the U.S. ship Vincennes, during the years 1829 and 1830 with notices of Brazil, Peru, Manila, the Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena
  • Stewart, C.S.
GEN G 477 S74 1970
A vocabulary of Central Cagayan Negrito
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REF PL 5721 Z5 O3 1955 c.1
A vocabulary of Central Cagayan Negrito
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REF PL 5721 Z5 O3 1955 c.2
A vocabulary of Central Mindanao Manobo REF PL 6113 E466 1954 c.1
A vocabulary of the Batak of Palawan
  • Warren, Charles P.
REF PL 5569 W3 1959
A voice from Mt. Apo : oral written essays on the culture and world view of the Manobo / Arayam, Manuel ... [et al.] GEN DS 666 M35 V65 2005
A voyage around the world
  • Kingston, W.H.G.
GEN G 440 M87 1884
A voyage round the world, in the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV, by George Anson, Esq., now Lord Anson, commander in chief of a squadron of His majesty's ships sent upon on an expedition to the South-Seas.
  • Walter, Richard, 1716?-1785
RARE G 420 A5 1767
A voyage round the world.
  • Gemelli Careri, John Francis
RARE G 440 G4
A voyage to New Guinea, and the Moluccas, from Balambangan; including an account of Maguindanao, Sooloo, and other islands ; and illustrated with thirty copper plates. Performed in the Tartar galley, belonging to the Honorable East India Company, during
  • Thomas, Forrest
RARE DS 601 F72 1779
A voyage to the Indian seas.
  • Legentil de La Galaisiere
REF DS 668 P9609 1964 v.5
A voyage to the Philippines.
  • Gemelli Careri, Giovanni Francesco
REF DS 668 P9609 1963 v.2
A walking tour of historic Intramuros
  • Cushner, Nicholas P.
REF DS 688 C986w 1971
A wartime legacy : the University of Santo Tomas during the second world war, 1941-1945
  • Torres, Jose Victor Z.
GEN LG 205 T67 2013
A wilderness of sweets.
  • Cordero-Fernando, Gilda
GEN PS 9993 F4 W55 1973
A woman so valiant
  • Soliven, Pelagia Villaflor
GEN DS 686.6 S65 2005
A woman's impressions of the Philippines
  • Fee, Mary H.
GEN DS 659 F4 1910
A woman's impressions of the Philippines.
  • Fee, Mary H.
RARE DS 659 F4 1910
A woman's journey through the Philippines.
  • Russell, Florence Kimball
RARE DS 659 R8 1907
A woman's journey through the Philippines.
  • Russell, Florence Kimball
RARE DS 659 R8 1907
A word-building tagalog-English dictionary
  • Alejandro, Rufino
REF PL 6056 Al252 1982
A world history
  • McNeil, William H.
GEN D 21 M32 1979
A world of songs GEN M 1627 W67
A world of words : in Ilocano and English GEN PL 5752 W8931 1980
A yankee in the Far East
  • Allen, George H.
GEN G 440 A43 1916
A year of plain folks
  • Marcelo, Severino S.
TXT NC 1726 P5 M3 1965
A young man cries for justice beyond his grave
  • Perez, Tony
GEN VB 315 P426y 1998
AB commercial directory of the Philippines, 1960-61 REF HF 5253 A18
Aba Ginoong Maria : the Virgin Mary in Philippine art
  • Belmonte, Charles
GEN N 8189.3 M35 B44 1990
Abaft the funnel
  • Kipling, Rudyard
GEN PR 4854 A2 1909
  • Untalan, Pelagia
TXT PL 6052 U61 1949
Abakadahen ta GEN PL 5571 M3348a 1983
Abandon ship! : death of the U.S.S. Indianapolis
  • Newcomb, Richard F.
GEN D 774 I5 N4 1958
Abe : a frank sketch of E. Aguilar Cruz
  • Joaquin, Nick
GEN N 7329 J574a 2006
Abide Joshua and other stories
  • Tiempo, Edith L.
GEN PZ 4 T563ab 1964
  • Maree, Judi
GEN PL 5571 M313a 1983
Abk GEN PL 5661 A11 1981
ABK 123
  • Terrey, Robyn
GEN PL 5559 T277a 1979
Abk 123 GEN PL 5571 A111 1979
Abk-123 GEN PL 6102 A11 1980
Abk: alphabet book GEN PL 5955 A11 1978
ABKD GEN PL 5987 A11 1977
ABKD 2 GEN PL 5087 A11 1982
ABKD : alphabet and numbers book GEN PL 5855 D816 1980
ABKD ng batang Pilipino TXT PL 6052 P45 1978
Abkd tinultulon= Abkd stories GEN PL 5987 A111 1990
Aboitiz : family & firm in the Philippines GEN HF 3816.5 M729 1998
Above and beyond, 1941-1945
  • Morrison, Wilbur H.
GEN D 767 M883a 1983
Above the crowd.
  • Tirol, Lorna K.
GEN CT 1791 T57
Abstract of Philippine statistics : April-June, 1951.
  • Philippines (Republic). Bureau of Census and Statistics.
RARE HA 1821 A36 1951
Abstracts of M.A. theses, 1953-1971 REF Z 5055 P5 X3 1972
Abstracts of papers presented to the Eighth Pacific Science Congress and the Fourth Far-Eastern pre-history Congress, November 16 to 28, 1953 REF Q 101 P119 1953
Abu : kawatasan para Pinatubu
  • Mallari, Joel Pabustan
GEN PL 6183.6 A28 2011
Abueva : chronology & list of works by Armando Burgos & Mabi David
  • Reyes, Cid
GEN NB 1027 A28 R48 2010
  • Mangkabong of Bohe' Baka
GEN PL 6115 Ab94 1987
Abuses in the Philippine government during the last quarter of the eighteenth century GEN DS 674 A28
Academic freedom : the Philippine Collegian, a special issue
  • Masakayan, Jose H.Y... [et al.].
GEN LG 989 A1 P54 1957 c.1
Acapulco : monografia, anecdotica, contemporanea.
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RARE F 1391 A15 1949
Acapulco : text and photographs
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GEN F 1391 A15 V3413
Acapulco en la historia y en la leyenda.
  • Alessio Robles, Vito, 1879-
RARE F 1391 A15 A4 1948
Acculturation in the Philippines; essays on changing societies. A selection of papers presented at the Baguio Religious Acculturation Conferences from 1958 to 1968. GEN HN 713 B33 1971
Acquiring eyes : the Philippine visuality, nationalist struggle, and the world-media system
  • Beller, Jonathan
GEN N 7327.2 B45 2006
Across four generations
  • Guevara, Guillermo B.
GEN CT 1798 G96 A3 1973
Across the Pacific : a novel founded on the melodrama of the same title
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GEN PZ3 B6107Ac 1904
Across the seas : three brothers find new lives in colonial Philippines
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GEN HD 9156 M2 P62 S54 2004
Acta et decreta primi concilli Plenarii Insularum Philippinarum, Manilae, a die VII ad diam XXV Mensis Ianuarii Anno Domini MDCCCLI celebrati GEN BQV 966 Ac81 1956
Actas de la Asamblea Filipina SPA J 662 K22 1915 v.10
Acts and decrees of the second plenary council of the Philippines : held at the Holy Apostles Seminary, Makati, Metro Manila, from 20 January- 17 February, 1991 BX 837 P6 1991 P5
Ada, the life of Librada Avelino, or the Development of a soul
  • Varona, Francisco
GEN DS 686.6 A94 V37 1935 c.1
Adalan tam ya takwan na agsitang = Let's learn other languages: a phrase book for central Cagayan Agta
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GEN PL 5545 M4534a 1981 c.1
Adalon taku udume ugud = Let's learn other languages: a phrase book for Kalinga: Tanudan
  • Daluping, Matilde
GEN PL 5851 D152a 1979 c.1
Adaptive strategies and change in Philippine swidden-base Societies GEN S 602.87 A326 1981
Adatrechtbundels GEN DS 665 A19 1919
Adatrechtbundels GEN DS 665 A19 1922
Address in the opening exercises of the academic year of 1927-1928 at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila
  • Hilario, Jose Salvador
REF RC 261 H541 1927
Address on commerce and the modern world in the opening exercises of the academic year of 1953-1954
  • Apacible, Mariano B.
REF LG 208 Ap11 1953
Address on engineering education and the national economy in the opening exercises of the academic year of 1951-1952
  • Mijares, Jose M.
GEN LG 208 M588 1951
Address on faith and confidence in the physician
  • Gisbert, Antonio
REF LG 208 G448 1968
Address on pharmacy : past and present
  • Rodriguez, Lorenzo
REF RS 99 R618 1948
Address on proposed measures of university welfare
  • Josefa Gonzalez Estrada
REF LG 208 Es88 1949
Address on realities in the study and practice of law and in the system of codification in the Philippines
  • Oben, Ramon T.
REF LG 208 Ob2 1955 c.1
Address on the international community -its law -its forms -its rights according to Francisco de Vitoria
  • Muñoz, Honorio F.
GEN LG 208 M926 1946
Address on the modern and Thomistic views regarding the constitution of psychological personality at the opening exercises of the academic year of 1941-1942
  • Blas, Angel de
REF LG 208 B612 1941
Address on the nature of Christian marriage
  • Garcia, Excelso
REF LG 208 G165 1961
Address on the politicalization of the people as the cornerstone of democracy
  • Concepcion, Roberto
REF LG 421 C65 1966
Address on the spirit of modern literature
  • Garcia, Carolina
REF LG 208 G165a 1964
Addresses, lectures and messages (1937-1963)
  • Cuenco, Jose Maria
GEN BX 4705 C8A8 1963
Adicion al catalogo de la seccion española comprende las islas de Cuba, Puerto Rico y Filipinas SPA T 500 G1 S54 1894
Adiciones y continuacio´n de "La imprenta en Manila" / Perez, Angel.
  • Perez, Angel.
SPA Z 186 P5 M6
Adios, patria adorada
  • Roces, Alfredo R.
GEN DS 675 R63 2006
Adlai Stevenson, 1900-1965, of the United Nations.
  • Stevenson, Adlai E.
GEN E 748 S84 R64 1965
Administracion espiritual de los padres agustinos calzados de la Provincia del dulce nombre de Jesus de las islas Filipinas
  • Villacorta, Francisco
SPA BX 2946 P5 V5 1833
Administration and management of barrio finance.
  • Olivares, Jose D.
GEN HJ 2161 O4 1966
Administration of justice by the military, 1974 GEN UB 845 P5 A34 1974
Administrative code of the Philippine Islands RARE JQ 1330 Ad238 1916
Administrative reforms in Asia GEN JQ 96 L44 1970
Admiral Dewey and the Manila campaign.
  • Sargent, Nathan
GEN E 717.7 Sa73 1947
Admiral Dewey at Manila and the complete story of the Philippines
  • Stickney, Joseph L.
GEN E 714.6 D51 S75 1899
Admiral Dewey at Manila and the complete story of the Philippines : life and glorious deeds of Admiral George Dewey including a thrilling account of our conflict with the Spaniards and Filipinos in the Orient
  • Stickney, Joseph L.
GEN E 714.6 D51 S753
Admiral George Dewey
  • Barrett, John
E 714.6 D51 B2 1898
Admiral George Dewey : a sketch of the man
  • Barrett, John
GEN E 714.6 D51 B2 1899
Admiral Halsey
  • Halsey, William F.
GEN E 746 H3 A3 1947 c.1
Admiral of the new empire : the life and career of George Dewey
  • Spector, Ronald
GEN V 63 D48 S64 1974
Ado nao masolo isnan liblo = There is lots to learn from books
  • Bacbac, Edith, ill.
GEN PL 5865 Ad239 1973
Adult education in the Philippines
  • Agorrilla, Amado L.
GEN LC 5257 P6 A65
Adult education in the Philippines
  • Agorrilla, Amado L.
GEN LC 5257 P6 A65
Adventure in Viet-Nam : the story of Operation Brotherhood, 1954-1957
  • Bernad, Miguel Anselmo
GEN RA 390 P6 B470 1974
Adventurers all : a tale of the Philippine Islands in war time
  • Eady, K. M.
GEN PZ 7 E11 A2
Adventures in a forgotten country
  • Polotan, Kerima
GEN DS 660 P6 A3 1975
Adventures in geography
  • Kay, Gertrude Alice
TXT G 570 K183 1941
Adventures in Rizaliana
  • Mendez, Paz Policarpio
RIZ DS 675.8 R5 M49 1978
Adventures of a Frenchman in the Philippines
  • La Gironiere, Paul P. de
GEN DS 658 L174 1972
Adventurous Armada: the story of Legazpi's expedition
  • Sharp, Andrew
GEN DS 674.9 L4 S5 1961
Aerial dogfights of World War II.
  • Pearl, Jack
GEN D 785 P359a 1962
Affairs : a novel
  • Infante, J. Eddie
GEN PR 9550.9 I5 A68 1984
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the Committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate, April 10, 1902.
  • United States. Senate. Committee on the Philippines.
RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.1
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate.
  • United States. Senate. Committee on the Philippines.
RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.2
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate.
  • United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Philippines.
RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.3
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate. RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.3
Afghanistan : highway of conquest
  • Fletcher, Arnold
GEN DS 356 F57 1965
Afghanistan : land in transition
  • Watkins, Mary Bradley
GEN DS 352 W3 1963
Africa handbook REF DT 5 L36 1969
Africa today--and tomorrow : an outline of basic facts and major problems.
  • Hatch, John
GEN DT 31 H33 1960
After the galleons : foreign trade, economic change & entrepreneurship in the nineteenth century Philippines.
  • Legarda, Benito J.
GEN HF 3815 L44 1999
After the romance : communities and environmental governance in the Philippines. GEN GE 190 P5 2008
After the storm : stories on Ondoy GEN GB 020 A38 2010
After this exile
  • Viray, Manuel A.
GEN PL 5539 V8 A36 1965 c.1
After you, Magellan!
  • Leys, James Farquarson
GEN G 463 L57 1927
Afternoon of the rising sun : the battle of Leyte Gulf
  • Friedman, Kenneth I.
GEN D 774 F899a 2001
Ag aklat ng Tagalog : The pioneer bilingual text-book on Tagalog philology and literature
  • Sevilla, Jose N.
GEN PL 5503 Se84 1923
Agadal tayo = Let's us learn: a reader for ilocano
  • Lumines, Namnama R.
GEN PL 5752 L9711a 1976
Against the national grain.
  • Daroy, Petronilo Bn
GEN PS 9992.4 D3 1966
Agaw-dilim, agaw-liwanag
  • Abreu, Lualhati Milan
GEN JQ 1419 Ab86 2009
Agay-ayam tayo : pangrugian a pagbasaan-II GEN PL 5752 Ag18 1961
Agbasa kuy III
  • Gardner, Mary Jane
GEN PL 5955 Ag19 1966
Agenda for hope : ideas on building a nation GEN HC 455 Ag265 2009
Agenda for the 70s : youth & national progress. GEN HC 460 P6 A2 1970
Agenda for the seventies
  • Romulo, Carlos P.
GEN DS 686.2 R6 A53 1969
Agents of apocalypse : epidemic disease in the colonial Philippines
  • De Bevoise, Ken
GEN RA 650.7 D278a 2002
Agents of Apocalypse : epidemic disease in the colonial Philippines
  • De Bevoise, Ken
GEN RA 650.7 P6 D4 1995 c.1
Agrarian development and modernization in the Philippines
  • Weintraub, Dov
GEN HN 713.5 W45 1973
Agrarian reform : a bibliography. GEN HD 905 Z9 V5 1965
Agrarian reform in the new society.
  • Estrella, Conrado F.
GEN HD 906 E75 1974 c.1
Agrarian unrest in Southeast Asia.
  • Jocoby, Erich H.
GEN HD 865 J3 1949
Agrarian unrest in the Philippines : Guardia de honor - revitalization within the revolution and Rizalistas - contemporary revitalization movements in the Philippines
  • Sturtevant, David Reeves
GEN HN 713 S68 1969
Agreements on United States military facilities in Philippine military bases, 1947-1985 GEN JX 906 P48 1985
Agricultural credit in the Far East : proceedings of the first Far East Agricultural Credit Workshop GEN HD 1440 A8F37 1956
Agricultural development strategies in Asia : case studies of the Philippines and Thailand.
  • Ishikawa, Shigeru
GEN HD 9066 P63 L8 I85 1970
Agricultural practices of the Manobo in the interior of southwestern Cotabato (Mindanao)
  • Lopez, Rogelio M.
GEN S 471 P62 M55 1968
Agtuen kuy agbasa = A picture dictionary GEN PL 5955 Ag89 1982
Aguinaldo : a narrative of Filipino ambitions
  • Wildman, Edwin
GEN DS 676.8 A3 W55 1901
Aguinaldo and his captors : the life mysteries of Emilio Aguinaldo and adventures and achievement of General Funston; historical stories of two memorable men.
  • Halstead, Murat, 1829-1908
RARE DS 676 A3 A25 1901
Aguinaldo and the revolution of 1896 : a documentary history
  • Achutegui, Pedro S de
GEN DS 676.8 A3 D44 1972
Aguinaldo in retrospect : a volume issued to commemorate the centenary of General Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy with documents on the Philippine-American War 1898-1901, and the First Philippine Republic GEN DS 676.8 A3 P55 1969 c.1
Aguinaldo shrine GEN DS 689 K38A48 1978
Aguinaldo y su tiempo
  • De los Santos, E.
SPA DS 676.8 A3
Aguinaldo y su tiempo.
  • De los Santos, Epifanio
RARE DS 676.8 D362a
Aguinaldo's breakfast & more looking back essays
  • Ocampo, Ambeth R.
GEN PL 5536 O23 1993
Aguinaldo's hostage or, Dick Carson's captivity among the Filipinos
  • Hancock, H. Irving
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Aguinaldo's independence army
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Aireview's general view of Japanese military aircraft in the Pacific war GEN TL 685.3 A5 1956
Akda kami'y Pilipino
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Akda kami'y Pilipino
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TXT PL 5505 M65 1970 Gr.3
Akda kami'y Pilipino
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TXT PL 5505 M65 1972 Gr.1 c.1
Akda kami'y Pilipino
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Alfredo Carmelo
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All the conspirators
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All the drowned sailors
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All the Presidents men.
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All the way from Bataan to O'donnell
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All this was Bataan
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All-Asia guide
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Allied Intelligence Bureau : our secret weapon in the war against Japan
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Alma mater
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Almanac for a revolution.
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Almanac for Manileños.
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Almanaque o calendario para el año del señor de 1864 RARE AY 1127 A443 1864
Almanaque sin almanaque para 1920. Dedicado al Centenario del descubrimiento del Estrecho de Magallanes, al Pacifico y Filipinas. SPA AY 1004 A45
Almirante Montojo & Commodore Dewey
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Along the mission trail
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Along the right path
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Alphabetical list of battles, 1754-1900 : war of the Rebellion, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and all old wars with dates summary of events of the War of the Rebellion, 1860-1865, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1900,
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Alternative London
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Always there's a thud : poems
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Ambassador in bonds!
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Ambush bay
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America and the Far Eastern question
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America and the Philippines
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America's boy
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America's dim mak points : unrestricted warfare in the 21st century.
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America's insular possessions
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America's insular possessions
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America's territorial policy.
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American aces in great fighter battles of World War II
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American Association of the Philippines : directory of members REF DS 685 Am512
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American boyhood & remember these rehse TXT NC 1429 R46 A63
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American diplomacy, 1900-1950
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American government for use in secondary schools
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American guerrilla in the Philippines
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American ideals, character and life.
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American military occupation of the Lake Lanao region, 1901-1913 : an historical study
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American political and social history.
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American PT boats in World War II
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American rubber planting enterprise in the Philippines, 1900-1930
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American tariff policy towards the Philippines, 1898-1946.
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American trade prospects in the Orient. GEN HF 3119 A6 1935
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American-Philippine relations : a guide
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American-Philippine trade relations : report of the Technical Committee to the President of the Philippines
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Americanism and the Philippines
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Americans one and all GEN PZ 1 S5am 1947
Americans, you die
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Americas new possessions and spheres of influence
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Amidst unsung heroes & the battle of Porac
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Amorsolo (1892-1972)
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An historical miscellany of the curiosities and rarities in nature and art. RARE AG 241 H6 v.3
An historical miscellany of the curiosities and rarities in nature and art. RARE AG 241 H6 v.4
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Anales ecclesiasticos de Philipinas, 1574-1682 = Philippine church history : a summary translation
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Anales ecclesiasticos de Philipinas, 1574-1682 = Philippine church history : a summary translation
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Anales ecclesiasticos de Philipinas, 1574-1682 = Philippine church history: a summary translation
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Anales ecclesiasticos de Philipinas, 1574-1682 = Philippine church history: a summary translation
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Analogia estructural entre los dialectos Filipinos: conferencia leida por su autor Lope K. Santos ante la academia de artes y letras de la Universidad de Filipinas
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Analysis of the syntax and the system of affixes in the Bisaya language
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Analytical study of the life and works of Ignacio Villamor.
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Anatomy of a peasant economy : a rice village in the Philippines.
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Ancient Indian colonies in the Far East
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Ancient Indian colonies in the Far East
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Ancient Mesopotamia : portrait of a dead civilization
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