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 In 1925, an American teacher, A.V. H. Hartendorp took ownership and became the editor of Philippine Education Magazine which he later renamed Philippine Magazine.  He sought and invited Filipinos and foreign residents to write essays, short stories, and poems in English.  For the covers of the magazine, he enticed artists, primarily Filipinos and other nationalities to illustrate some scene or subject, always enchanting and dignified about the country and its people.

Hartendorp had a keen sense for literary talent in Filipinos comfortable and excelling in English.  N.V.M. Gonzales, Jose Garcia Villa, Francisco Arcellana, Edilberto and Edith Tiempo, Sinai Hamada, Bienvenido Santos, and many others, saw their earliest pieces in the magazine.  Likewise, Hartendorp saw streaks of artistic genius in the artists who concentrated on native features and landscapes. They included Fernando Amorsolo, Jorge Pineda, Fabian de la Rosa, Elizabeth Keith, and others many still in their 20’s and 30’s later gaining national renown and eventually awarded the distinction of being National Artists.

Philippine Magazine, its close to two decades of showcasing the best of Filipino literature and the arts ended in the early months of 1942 at the beginning of Japanese occupation.  After the war, with the city in ruins, Hartendorp found it difficult to revive the magazine again. 

 We invite the general public to visit our new Ortigas Library and look over our almost-complete set of Philippine Magazine issues.

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