Catalog (Sagada) - People and Places: A Cordillera Legacy

Catalog (Sagada) - People and Places: A Cordillera Legacy

Exhibit catalog for Sagada, Mountain Province

The catalog for the Sagada exhibit: "People and Places: A Cordillera Legacy" Photographs from 1900 - 1925. The exhibit showcase 100 vintage photographs of the people, culture, and architecture of the Cordilleras and will soon be up at St. Mary's School in Sagada.

These are never before seen photos that over 100 years later, revive a most stunning and complex visual history of the Cordilleras. They have, for the most part, kept their traditions, much more than the lowlanders.

Sagada is a delightful place, a Baguio of the past, people are very kind and there's great dining there too. The exhibition starts on May 23, 2022, and will last for six weeks.

P 200.00