November 22 2019 to January 12 2020

Do your Christmas shopping with Ortigas Foundation Library's unique fundraising items!

Proceeds from the sale of our items will benefit the history, culture and art programs of the Ortigas Foundation Library and the educational development programs of the Ortigas Foundation.

November 12 2019

Visit our booth at SMX Convention Center on November 12 (Tuesday) and get the first look (and dibs ☺️) at our new fundraising and premium items!

October 17 2019

A visual lecture by John Silva, Executive Director or Ortigas Foundation Library

July 26 2019

A glimpse of the life and works of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal in Germany from February 1886 to August 1887

June 6 2019 to June 27 2019

Watch these award-winning films by TBA Productions. 

March 15 2019 to March 16 2019

Protect books or postcards in elegant and sturdy full-cloth, leatherette or handmade paper covered protective boxes.

February 15 2019

Please call 631 1231 (Library) and reserve your seat(s). This will be an eye-opener because it takes the personal accounts of the civilians caught in the crossfire in the liberation of the city.

January 26 2019 to February 3 2019

Photo exhibit fundraising activity of Nayon  Photographer's Club

December 11 2018

Visit Ortigas Foundation's booth the annual fundraising activity of American Women's Bazaar

November 24 2018 to January 13 2019

Do your Christmas shopping with Ortigas Library's unique fundraising items!