People and Places: A Cordillera Legacy - Photographs from 1900 - 1925

October 15, 2022
The Negros Museum
Bacolod City

An exhibition sponsored by the Ortigas Foundation Library and Water Dragon, Inc. at The Negros Museum

Photos from the Jonathan Best Collection and the Ortigas Library Image Bank

This exhibition of reproductions of vintage photographs, many of them rarely seen, highlights the peoples of the Cordillera, their culture, and their past. Selected from the collection of Jonathan Best, and the Ortigas Library Image Bank as well as private collectors, “PEOPLE AND PLACES: A CORDILLERA LEGACY” threads visually through the remote Cordilleras at the beginning of the 20th century. A generation later a different architecture, a different cultural norm, education, and a mode of dressing become enmeshed in lives and surroundings.

Open until January 15, 2023