Sophisticated Reading in mid-century THIS WEEK - a magazine cover exhibit

THIS WEEK, Manila Chronicle Sunday Magazine Covers and Content, 1954 - 1955

In the 1950’s the economy revived rapidly after a ruinous war.  Businesses reopened and expanded.  That vibrant American culture returned, along with it, an unbridled press freedom filled with the air of a superpower now defining postwar morality.  

THIS WEEK, named for a compilation of articles and illustrations meant for a relaxed Sunday magazine reading and included in the high-brow Manila Chronicle newspaper, reflected this morality as well.

Owned by Mr. Eugenio Lopez, a wealthy Ilonggo businessman, THIS WEEK had an eclectic mix of articles from somber political analysis to world events, international travel articles, syndicated columnists like Louella Parsons, movies and book reviews, scantily clad local beauties under the regular feature Pulchritude, bungalow designs for first home-owners, short stories, photo essays and fashion tips.

The short stories, poems and essays written by renowned authors like Edilberto Tiempo, N.V.M. Gonzales, Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, Leon Ma. Guerrero, Edith Tiempo, Gilda Cordero Fernando, and others with cover illustrations by the leading artists of the day added significant panache to the magazine’s balancing act of being popular yet slightly bordering on literary superiority. 

The magazine covers were delightful to the eye.  Witty, poignant and mostly a celebration of the national mood. Two decades later, many of the artists, the likes of Vicente Manansala, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Cesar Legaspi, Arturo Luz  gained renown with some awarded National Artist status.  

THIS WEEK magazine contributed to the enlightenment and taste of a young post-war nation in appreciating their burgeoning heritage. 

The exhibit was held from August 13 to September 13, 2022  
Sepia Gallery
BenCab Museum
Metro Baguio

This Week Magazine Exhibit